COVMIND is one of the fastest growing international education consultancy services in Nigeria, operating with highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals for study abroad opportunities in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, Netherland, the USA, Georgia and Ukraine. We recognize that the difference between dreams and realities is opportunity and how we engage the opportunities that come our ways. COVMIND is positioned to present such opportunities to students with a view to bridging the gap between dreams and realities. As a reputable, vibrant and innovative Study Abroad Agency, we identify the yeaning and expectation of prospective students in terms of studying overseas affordably even with scholarship and achieving quality education. We are not unaware that notable numbers of students are uninformed of the different opportunities available for international education. At the COVMIND, we present you with indisputable, credible and affordable study abroad opportunities with fail-safe information and professional guidance in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Our Vision

….Ensuring Success Is Affordable To Everyone.

Our Core Values

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